Tile & GROUT

Here at Deep Clean Services, we put the utmost care into our tile and grout cleaning service. We follow a strict outline of steps for each job to ensure quality and satisfaction.

HAS A... 

1. Pre-inspection - Our service technician will inspect your tile and grout and pre test an area and assess soil level.     

2. All adjacent floors will beprotected with drop cloths.     

3. Pre-Spraying - the floors willtreated with high PH cleaner covering the surface but away from the baseboards       

4. Should some areas be heavilysoiled our technician will scrub those areas to ensure maximum cleanliness of your tile and grout.       

5. Steam cleaning with highpressure tile and grout machine cleans and rinses your floor of dirt and treatment.     

6. Our technician will also ensure aconsistent cleaning throughout the entire area by edging the sides.     

7. High velocity fans are placed to rapidly dry the tile and grout. We also towel dry all areas leaving a nice clean and streak free tile floor.